There is nearly an 80% chance your resume is being ignored

When you apply for a job, don't you deserve to be at least considered? Of course you do!

You can't land a new job without interviewing. Your resume is the most important factor in successfully scheduling interviews. It is either your ticket to an interview or your resume can cause you to be ignored.

The harsh reality about resumes is that an overwhelming majority are ignored because of the way they are constructed, written or presented. Unless you differentiate your resume, odds are your resume will fall into the ignored category as well. If your resume is not rich in keywords, you could be screened out by a computer before a hiring authority had an opportunity to review your credentials!

If you are not successfully booking interviews, chances are your resume is lacking the leverage you need to separate yourself from your competition. It's time to stop selling yourself short by learning how you can create a resume that will generate a level of curiosity and interest that you never thought possible.