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AutoCAD 2009 - Advanced

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$560.00 for 16 hours of training - 2 days
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This class continues on from the Fundamentals class with more sophisticated techniques that will extend the user's mastery of the program. For example, here we go beyond the basic skill of inserting a block to learn how to create blocks, and beyond the basic skill of using a template to understand the process of setting up a template.


The primary objective of this course is to teach the student more advanced editing and construction techniques, create local and global blocks, set up layers, styles, and templates, and to work with advanced layout and plotting tools.


Prerequisites include having taken the AutoCAD 2011 Fundamentals class or comparable experience.

Class Outline   

    Day 1

    • Creating a Custom Workspace
    • Using the Keyboard Effectively
    • Working in Multiple Drawings
    • Copying and Pasting between Multiple Drawings
    • Using Grips Effectively
    • Advanced Layer Tools
    • Absolute Cartesian Coordinate Entry
    • Relative Cartesian Coordinate Entry
    • Relative Polar Coordinate Entry
    • Locating Points with Tracking
    • Creating Temporary Tracking Points
    • Using the AutoCAD Construction Line Tools
    • Working with the Point Command
    • Defining Parametric Drawing
    • Working With Geometric Constraints
    • Working With Dimensional Constraints
    • Creating Blocks Definitions
    • Editing Block Definitions
    • Adding Blocks to Tool Palettes
    • Modifying Tool Properties in Tool Palettes

    Day 2

    • Using Drawing Templates to Maintain Drawing Standards
    • Units Display and Drawing Limits
    • Creating New Layers in a Template
    • Adding Standard Layouts to Templates
    • Saving a Template File
    • Creating Text Styles
    • Creating Dimension Styles and Sub-Styles
    • Creating Multileader Styles
    • Creating and Using Named Views
    • Viewport Creation Options
    • Layer Overrides in Viewports
    • Modifying Annotative Object Scales
    • External References
    • Attaching External References
    • Modifying External References
    • External Reference Specific Information

    Additional topics covered if time allows.

    • Quick Calculator
    • Zoom Command Options
    • Advanced Object Selection
    • Creating Single Line Text
    • Inspection Dimensions
    • Creating Boundaries
    • Working With Regions
    • The Lengthen Command