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Welcome to the Star Training Institute Support page. Individuals purchasing Autodesk Educational Software from an Authorized Autodesk Educational Dealer or Reseller are eligible to receive free installation support for their Autodesk products. Star Training does not support any software that is downloaded from Autodesk's web site; this includes trial versions as well as free student software from the Autodesk Education Community. For support requests for free student software from the Autodesk Education Community contact Autodesk at studentcommunity@autodesk.com

Installation support

Installation support consists of explanations of the various installation screens and troubleshooting error messages during the installation process. Star Training Institute does not provide usage support for any Autodesk product. Usage support is handled by your instructor. There is also a wealth of information in the products Help screens as well as directly from Autodesk's support page at autodesk.com/support

If you need help with installing Autodesk Educational Software or receive error messages or error numbers during installation, there are two methods for contacting Star Training Institute for support, they are listed below.

Contacting us

Phone Support: (918) 747-9333 - hours of operation are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in the Central Time Zone Monday through Friday.

Email Support: Contact Star Training Institute at the following email address autodesksupport@startraining.com - this email address is also on you product package.

After Hours Support: email autodesksupport@startraining.com

After Hours Phone Support: (918) 747-9333

More information

You can also find support information directly from Autodesk at the following web site: autodesk.com/support

When contacting Star Training Institute for installation support either by phone or email, it is helpful to have the exact error message including any error number(s) that might be generated. When contacting Star Training Institute for installation support by email, it is helpful to include your computer's specs along with the Operating System version.

To view frequently asked questions concerning installation of Autodesk Educational Software click here.