Frequently Asked Questions

What are the System Requirements for my Autodesk Software?

System requirements for Autodesk Software are posted by Autodesk and can be found at just simply choose your Autodesk program and click the System Requirements link.

Where is my Serial Number and Product Key?

You will find the Serial Number and Product Key on a sticker usually located on the box the software came in. Do not lose these numbers as they are required when the software is installed and if they are misplaced or lost it is very difficult to recover them. The sticker that has the products Serial Number and Product Key also has an authorization number, this authorization number doesn't have anything to do with your Autodesk software it is only an authorization to contact Star Training Institute if you need installation support.

Do I need to do anything prior to installing my Autodesk software?

Before installing Autodesk software it is highly recommended that the following applications that might be installed on your computer be turned off or disabled during installation:

  • Anti-virus programs
  • Firewall Software included in anti-virus packages such as Norton or McAfee
  • Internet Security
  • Parental Software
  • File Scanning Software

These programs have been known to interfere with the installation of Autodesk Software. Autodesk recommends that these programs be disabled or turned off during installation and until the Autodesk software has been successfully activated.

Will my Autodesk Software run on a Macintosh (Mac) computer?

Not all Autodesk Software is Mac compatible. For a list of Mac compatible software visit the following web site: